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Hindu Welfare Foundation which does not need any introduction at national / international level. Hindu Welfare Foundation is a separate organisation for Hindutva / Hindu culture / national interest / social interest / population control law / Hindu nation at national / international level.  Well known name.

Hindu Welfare Foundation means::::: Hindu (descendant of the Aryan race settled in India, follower of the Indian Aryan religion)

Welfare (Providing necessary social support to meet the basic needs of the citizens is called Social Welfare)

Means the welfare of the whole society

Foundation  (The part of the plant that enters the ground after developing from Mulankur and goes against the light is called root or root  i.e. foundation

Hwf Hindu Welfare Foundation's own website. In which all of you, you can register yourself.

@ http://hwfmatrimonial.com

 (HWF)Hindu Welfare Foundation under the country / foreign all caste relations

Admin ::::Dr.  Veena Arora


+91 9501647301

Admin: Ch.  Gajiender Singh Dahiya,Panipat

Mobile/Whatsapp no.

+91 9355444630

Admin: Raj Punia

Hissar, Haryana


Advocate / Dr. Veena Arora 

Chairman/ Founder International Executive Law Consultant, 
International Brand Ambassador (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Abhiyan)
Motivational Speaker / Mind Reader

Chaudhary Gajiender Singh Dahiya

National President / Founder
Hindu Welfare Foundation